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In Greek mythology, Iris was a messenger of the gods and she used a rainbow to carry her between them and the earthly realm. 

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Copywriter ∞ Editor ∞ Consultant

Welcome to the Rainbow’s Edge!

Iris Carter is ready to bring a wealth of words, creativity, and knowledge to you.

Within these pages are work samples, credentials and contact information.  Present your needs and let Iris find the solutions for:

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Why is Iris different?

Iris listens and asks the right questions. She has a unique ability to understand your needs and produce the end-result you desire. Your satisfaction is vital to her business. Your message is a reflection of yourself. Iris can create text that reflects positive images for both of you.

Drawing of Iris, messenger of the gods in Greek mythology

One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them,

to have the right ones

form themselves into the

proper pattern at the right moment.

- Hart Crane

To contact Iris:

Phone: 336-644-9067

E-mail: IrisinNC@aol.com

“I know what I want to say!”

                 “Why should I hire a writer?”

You may be perfectly capable of writing your own text but if you are looking here, you probably have some doubts. 

Ask yourself these questions:

· Am I confident that I can send a clear, concise message?

· Do I know how to edit for content and structure?

· Does my writing target the right audience?

· Can I arrange text so it is attractive and easy to read?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, please consider asking for help!


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